Cheap Canada Goose gdqb461n Wanted to like this but I bought this for my iPhone 6 and just keeping everything together.Phone Pocket:The pocket for the phone was tight and made it hard to take the phone conveniently in and out.Wallet Pockets:The wallet pocket was the part I dislike the most. After putting all my cards in - which fit all the sleeves for cards - the whole wallet became really stiff and it became almost impossible to take any cards out because it just became too tight and bulky. Stacking vertically the cards may not be the best idea.Wallet Material:The material overall, was just okay and could have been better. I think it's because of the material that it made the pockets for the credit card so stiff and impossible to use if, especially, all the pockets are occupied.I wouldn't recommend this product. I also bought a similar leather version of this one - Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Louie - and it didn't work out either. For that one, the pocket was too tight and the zipper ended up too close to the phone body.One I would recommend, which is a little bigger but more worth the money is Kate spade new york Sunset Court Sable Wallet, Black/Pebble, That one is a clutch and fit EVERYTHING I need in there at once - chapstick, phone, house key, cards, cash... perfect size and material is really beautiful!